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Our Family

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Meet our Family:

Jim has been around animals his entire life. He started in NH’s 4-H program attended the UNH obtaining
a BS in animal Science. He sheared sheep internationally from small New England farms, Western
feedlots, and ranch operations, including shearing in Canada, England, and New Zealand. He combined
his knowledge of animals and building to start Ag Structures a rural farm design build company. His
barns reach from Maine to Georgia. All of this inspired Jim to create the Barnstore in 2002. Jim is
blessed to have two of his children partner with him.

Jake, found a similar start in 4-H sheep program and graduated from UNH in Resource Economics and
Dairy Science, brings a youthful work drive. Coupled with growing up on a family farm, 4-H participation,
supervising construction sites, and hobby of hunting and fishing, his well-rounded background helps you
make good purchasing decisions at the Barn Store. Jake is always willing to answer your questions and
assist you in all your in store needs.
Katie takes service to a new limit, with 10 years of 4-H sheep and dairy under her belt she graduated
UNH in Tourism and Dairy Science. Katie studied abroad and has been able to see many livestock
operations. She continues to shear sheep though out New England continuing in her Dad’s footsteps.
She is well versed in agriculture, building supplies and firearms to provide unsurpassed service and
attention to detail that keeps you coming back.

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